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ALESSANDRO TONUCCI was born in Fano (Italy) on 23 April 1993, now living in Mombaroccio (Italy), he attended Marconi Scientific High School in Pesaro. Alessandro is son of Stefano Tonucci, an accountant working in Fano and Santangeli Sophie, and he has a younger sister, Eleonora. He's a guitarist, an excellent swimmer and skier and he often trains on bike. An amazing "climber" as well.

2005/2006 - Minimoto Italian Championship - Junior B 2005 - Junior C 2006.

2006/2007/2008 - After 2 years of minimoto italian championship (2005 and 2006), Alessandro made his debut on high wheel motorcycles in 2006 in JUNIOR GP Trophy RACING DREAM - APRILIA, with RS125 Aprilia bike, participating to the trophy in 2006 (ranked 15th), in 2007 (4th) and in 2008 (6th).

2007 - Three podiums in JuniorGP, Cup for fastest lap in Magione.

Wild card in Italian Cup 125SP with Speedy Racer Team and 3 wild cards in 125GP with the team RCGM, APRILIA motorcycle.

2008 - 3rd place on Italian Cup 125/2008 - 3rd place Mototemporada 125/2008 with APRILIA RS125, Speedy Racer Team.

Moreover he disputes 2 wild cards on CIV - Italian Speed Championship (Misano, scoring a 3rd place podium) and 2 wild cards on CEV (Valencia and Jerez), all achieved on Aprilia 125GP with Team Matteoni Semprucci.

In 2008 Alessandro collects: 3 Pole Positions and qualification for other 6 front row starts. In the race he achieves 2 victories, 2 second places, 3 third places for a total of 7 podium finishes besides fastest lap in 2 races.

2009 - Alessandro participates at CIV 125GP with Team APRILIA Junior GP Racing Dream - (in collaboration with Tiesse Racing Team). In CIV 125GP, he ranks 2nd, and 1st in the special Morresi Trophy for the Under18.

3 Wild cards in MotoGP 125GP, at Mugello, in Brno and in Misano, with excellent results in all the three competitions, both in time trials and race.

Wild card at Albacete Spanish Champioship on Sept 27, 5th position with good performance.

2009 European Vice-Champion 125GP and fastest lap.

In 2009 Alessandro collects: from the grid, 1 Pole Position (Mugello2), one 2nd position (Mugello1), two 3rd positions (Vallelunga and European Albacete), one 5th position (Misano), two 6th positions (Monza and Misano). During the race: one 9th position (Misano), one 3rd position (Monza), one 4th position (Vallelunga), one 0 (Mugello) and three 2nd positions (Misano2, Mugello2 and European Albacete).

2010 - CIV 125GP with Team APRILIA Junior GP Racing Dream - (in collaboration with Tiesse Racing Team). 3rd place in CIV 125GP and 1st place in the special classification Fastest Laps Trophy.

4 Wild cards in 125GP MotoGP at Mugello, in Brno, in Misano and at Estoril, achieving excellent results. At Mugello on the grid at 16th position, first among the italians on the circuit, he obtained his first world points at Estoril ranking 13th position in the race.

Wild card in Albacete Spanish Championship on May 9, 2010, Alessandro completes the race ranking 3rd place on the podium.

Play-Off Final of European Championship in Albacete, Spain, on October 24, 2010.

4th place and best Italian racer in European 2010.

In 2010 Alessandro collects:

From the grid, two Pole Positions (Mugello1 and Misano2), three 2nd positions (Vallelunga, Monza, Mugello2), two 3rd positions (Albacete1, CEV - Misano1), one 4th position (European Albacete).

On the race: two 1st places (Vellelunga and Mugello2), one 3rd place (Albacete1 CEV), two 4th places (Monza and Albacete1 CEV), one 0 (Misano1, due to engine failure only 3 laps away to the finish line while he was keeping a 2nd position), one 5th place (Mugello1), one 6th place (Misano2), one 15th place (Mugello1bis) and the race fastest lap at Mugello2.

2011 - MotoGP 125 GP with TEAM ITALIA-F.M.I, Alessandro participates to the 125 World Championship with an Aprilia RSW for all the 17 scheduled races. During the trials of the third scheduled race in Portugal (Estoril) Alessandro brakes a shoulder, an event that will affects the performance level of all the following races, until the complete rehabilitation for the Brno race (Czech Republic). From that race on Alessandro offers the best performances of 2011, 19th place in Brno, 23rd in Indianapolis, 17th in Misano, 14th in Aragon, 10th in Motegi, 16th in Philip Island, 15th in Sepang, 13th in Valencia. Satisfying final for Alessandro's 125 world championship that ends with 12 points in 25th position on the general classification.

2012 - MotoGP MOTO3 with TEAM ITALIA - F.M.I, Alessandro participates to the MOTO3 World Championship with a Honda FTR for all the scheduled races. Due to left fibular malleolus fracture occurred during the 2nd trial in Jerez de la Frontera and consequent placement of plate and 5 rods to his ankle, Alessandro's performances are affected for all the remaining races. 2012 best performances: 11th in Jerez, 14th in Le Mans, 15th in Indianapolis, 10th in Brno, 12th in Aragon, 3rd in Motegi, 7th in Philip Island, 14th in Valencia. Satisfying end of Alessandro's MOTO3 World Championship that finishes with 45 points in 18th position on the general classification, with 1 podium in Japan and 2 fastest laps in Motegi and Philip Island.

Races up to December 31, 2012:

15 Races in 125 JuniorGP Trophy

15 Races with APRILIA 125SP (4 Mototemporada - 1 Centaur Trophy - 10 Italian Cups)

48 Races with APRILIA 125GP

(3 wild cards in MotoGP 2009 - 4 wild cards in MotoGP 2010 - 1 wild card in European Cup 2007 - 5 wild cards C.E.V. (2 in 2008, 2 in 2009, 1 in 2010) - 3 wild cards C.I.V. (one in 2007, two in 2008) - 6 races C.I.V. in 2009 - 7 races C.I.V. in 2010 - 1 European Final in 2009 - 1 European Final in 2010 and 17 races in 125GP MotoGP 2011). 17 races in 2013 Moto3 with FTR HONDA.

2013 - Alessandro is officially enrolled as a racer in 2013 MOTO3 MotoGP with the Italian Team La Fonte - Tasca Racing, and Japanese team-mate Hyuga Watanabe. Alessandro will therefore participate to the 17 scheduled races listed on the official website

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